Hello,  I'm a broadly trained tropical plant ecologist who loves to teach.  My first exposure to teaching was as an undergraduate lab assistant at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) in 1984. From there, I worked my way into graduate school where I taught a wide variety of labs as a graduate teaching assistant at UAH and The University of North Dakota (UND). I taught my first formal lecture course, a 300 level Population Biology course, at UND in 1995.  Since then, with the exception of a year as a Research Scientist at a molecular genetics company, I've taught full time, and loved almost every minute of it.

My research is focused on plant ecology, more specifically, I am currently interested in geneflow between populations and mechanisms that restrict geneflow.  I conduct my research in the montane cloud forests of Monteverde, Costa Rica, where I have worked since 1987.